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Apple iPhone 4 Review

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PROS / The phone gets a strong advantage with its ability to switch between cameras during a video call and its Retina display.

CONS / There is no option to expand memory or SD slot available.

 VERDICT / The iPhone 4 is steps ahead of the cell phone game with the addition of crisp video calling and entertainment capabilities.

When the iPhone 3GS hit the stores, people went crazy. It was faster, had a longer battery life and had quite the list of added features. Our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner, the Apple iPhone 4 is no different. With four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models, dual cameras and video features that are leaps and bounds not only ahead of previous iPhone models but smartphones in general, the iPhone 4 is easily the best of the best video calling phones on the market. 


The design and display of the iPhone continues to get more and more impressive. Apple engineers were able to squeeze 326 pixels per inch in the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch touch screen, resulting in an eye-popping "Retina" display. This is the highest-resolution display that has ever been placed on any phone and the pixels are so small that the human eye can’t distinguish them individually. Consequently, what we get are some very vivid and clear text and graphics on this phone compared to other video calling phones.

This breathtaking display is placed under a glossy panel of aluminosilicate glass, which is the same type of glass found in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Apple claims the glass has been chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. Of course Apple doesn’t seem to forget any details because this aluminosilicate glass is also used as the back panel of the phone. All the astounding technology found on this device is situated between these two sheets of glass.

Camera Features

Apple’s iPhone 4 will change the way we communicate forever through video calling phones. This device makes it possible for you to see your best friend who is living in China or your daughter opening up her presents on her birthday while you are on a business trip. The iPhone 4 offers Facetime, a feature that allows the user to experience a video call. With two cameras, one placed on both the front and back of this video calling phone, it makes it easy to see the person you are video calling. By tapping a button, Facetime lets you switch back and forth between cameras at any time during the video call. It also has been designed to show the caller in the best possible light with correct field of views and focal length.

Even though video calling using Facetime is the most advanced camera technology found on the iPhone 4, this mobile device also allows you to shoot your own movies in HD (high-definition). Thanks to a backside illumination sensor on the iPhone, you can capture quality video and take vivid photos no matter where you are and what type of light you must work with. Best of all, this iPhone model finally has an LED flash, which is a big improvement and desired feature for those who use their video calling phones for all entertainment and artistic purposes.


With such a high resolution on the phone, it provides quite the experience when watching TV shows or movies on the mobile device. It is a privilege to be able to view such detailed graphics and also contains a wide viewing angle which makes it easy for more than one individual to watch at a time.

The iPhone is and will continue to be the place for multimedia needs. The iPod continues to be a key feature of the iPhone and this entertainment feature allows you to shop the iTunes store directly from your phone for easy accessibility. Don’t worry about listening to music or having it play too loud while waiting for that important phone call. The music fades and pauses when the iPhone rings and just a tap of the center button allows you to answer your call.


With the improvement on many of the iPhone features, it only makes sense for the battery to become better. Apple claims the battery has become larger and has up to 40 percent more talk time. Apple engineers also designed the A4 chip which is the phone’s mobile processor that they claim can easily perform complex jobs such as video calling, all while maximizing the battery life. The A4 chip is the same as found in the iPad.

Once again this version of the iPhone contains no options for expandable memory but it still continues to be available with both 16GB and 32GB of internal memory. With that much memory available there really is not much need to expand.

Additional Features

A large difference between many video calling phones is the multitasking capabilities, and this Apple model seems to get it better than the others. The iPhone 4 allows for the user to run and switch between third-party apps without slowing down or draining the battery life of the phone. The multitasking capability even makes it possible to listen to music while doing almost anything on your iPhone.

The apps are a favorite on the iPhone and they keep getting better. The apps remember what you last did so you can quickly resume where you left off. Apps that use GPS can continue to run in the background and give spoken turn-by-turn directions as you play a game or even listen to music.

Do you want to make a call or play music but have your hands occupied? The iPhone 4 has voice control to perform features on your phone. For example, if you want to make a call the iPhone recognizes the name on your contact list and calls the individual. If you are not sure what music is playing on your playlist you can ask the question out loud and the phone will respond. However, the iPhone will repeat your voice command to make certain it is what you would like to do.


Video calling phones are high on the rise and with Apple iPhone 4 as one of the first, they sure hit the nail on the head. Of course the improvement of many other applications are an added bonus, the addition of video calling pushed this phone way ahead of what we once thought was possible.